Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Ian Edgeler, frequently known as 'The Edge', and I live in London, England.

I have been promising myself for quite a while now that I would update my website but there always seemed to be something more important to do; like researching my family's history, going fishing, building a website for my fishing club, doing anything on my computer, or even going to work.

Like most personal websites, there is a certain amount of vanity involved in it's contents but I hope that you will find something of interest. If you have any suggestions for any items to be added, deleted or improved then please let me know.

Tower Bridge

Although I have lived and worked in and around London for most of my life, and currently spend a large part of my life driving around the City and West End, I still get a great buzz from being in one of the greatest cities in the world. Every day I pass landmarks that people travel thousands of miles to see and occasionally, because of my work, I get to see parts of those landmarks that the general public never see.

Chris Biggins in 1983 at the Berkeley Square Ball

Back in the 80's I spent a lot of time taking photographs. Nearly all the photographs on this site were taken by me around that time.

There are a number of photo galleries already on the site which you can access through the Photography page or the links on the right. The older ones amongst you will recognise most of the faces in the photos but it was quite a sobering experience when one of my younger cousins had to ask who most of them were because the photos were taken before he was born.

I have hundreds more so I will add new galleries as time permits.

ALL the photos in the galleries are my copyright so please respect that.


When I left school in 1964 I did an engineering apprenticeship, at British Aerospace at Weybridge in Surrey, and continued working there until 1977. What a great place to do your training. The factory was built inside the world famous Brooklands Race Track and the apprentice school was actually built on the (disused) race track. While I was working there I worked on Vickers VC10, BAC 1-11, Concorde and Tornado and even met Barnes Wallis, the inventor of the bouncing bomb amongst other things.

Brooklands Museum

Having worked at Brooklands for so long I was delighted to find the time recently to spend a few hours at the Brooklands Museum. Boy did that bring back some memories!

Well worth a visit if you are interested in aviation or motor racing history


I've worked with computers since about 1967, originally on mainframe ICL and IBM machines, and joined the PC revolution shortly after they came out. See more on the Computers page.

Family History

Like many people nowadays a large part of my 'spare' time is involved with researching our family history.

You can read more about it by going to the Family History page.

Coarse Fishing

Everybody needs some relaxation so when I am not in front of a computer or driving I spend as much time as possible fishing.

Just select the Fishing link to find out more.

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