I've worked with computers since about 1967, originally on mainframe ICL and IBM machines, and joined the PC revolution shortly after they came out. At British Aircraft Corp in the mid 1960s' we had several mainframe computer systems and I first became involved with them as a tool for producing punched paper tapes to draw full size aircraft components and later for use in Critical Path Analysis on aircraft projects.

A few years back, having taken on board the Internet revolution, I decided it was time to build my own machine and after a lot of research went out and bought a box or two of goodies one Saturday morning at a computer fair in central London. By the evening it was working! Soon after I started building this site something went pop inside so I decided the time had come to upgrade a bit.

The spec is nothing fantastic, especially by today's standards, but it is very rarely that I find it wanting. Currently it comprises:
Asus motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 3500+ processor
2gb memory
180 Mb IBM Deskstar harddrive
2 x 130gb SATA drives as a Raid array
Asus display card with heatpipes (so no noisy fan) running 2 x screens (very useful)
DVD and CD writers/rewriters
plus various other bits and pieces including Skype

I originally installed Windows 98 SR1 operating system which was the biggest mistake. If anybody out there still uses Windows 98 (and I know there are still quite a few) then do yourself a big, big favour, upgrade to Windows XP. It is so much better it is unbelievable.

Nowadays I use the computer a lot for work, designing kitchens, researching the Family Tree and occasionally design websites for friends.

There are some useful links to computer oriented websites on the right.

Personal Computers

Shortly after I left British Aerospace, as it was by then, the first Commodore Pet computers came out but I resisted the temptation until finally buying a Dragon 32 for my son (if you believe that you will believe anything). By then the bug had bitten.

Personal Computer World

I remember buying the first issue of Personal Computer World which at the time was one of the few dedicated computer magazines around. I wish I still had that first issue. It would be worth a small fortune now!


During the course of my work I have used and owned many different PC's, all IBM based, for many different functions. I have developed a Stock and Cost Control System using Dataease, a great database program rather like Access which people either love or hate.

Website Design

I have built several websites over the years. The predecessor of this site was built using MS Frontpage 2003 which turned out to be a big mistake as it was pretty clunky but it was a big improvement over my first hand coded site.

For this generation I was persuaded by my cousin Robert that I should build a site that is more up to date and compliant with modern standards. Far easier said than done since none of the main web browsers fully comply. However, I have tested it with IE6, IE7, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Safari 3.1(for PC) and Opera 9.27 and it seems to work fine on them all (with some minor variations)

The coding was done using Evrsoft First Page 2006 mostly using CSS for simplicity. The top menu and the photo galleries come from the CSSPlay website which is brilliant. Lytebox has been used for some of the other photo displays. There are links to all these sites on the right.

In addition all the pages have been tested to ensure that they comply with the W3C standards.

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