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Because there are so many idiots around who love filling guestbooks with rubbish, I have disabled the automatic guestbook function, however, if you would like to email me feedback, I would be pleased to include it below. You will have to modify the address a bit because I am trying to avoid spam.

This is what others have said

From: Ian Edgeler
Date: Tue 1 Jul 2008
Message: Thanks guys. It's been a lot of work but, I think, worth the effort.
Tony McAllister is a bloke I used to work with Dave and who gave me a lot of guidance on places to search for info when I first started work on the family history.

From: David Hughes
Date: Tue 1 Jul 2008
Message: Nice one Ian,
Is the reference to Mcallister a friend or one of the family.
I have a musician friend called John McAllister.

From: Rob Edgeler
Date: Mon 30 Jun 2008
Message: Looking great. I'm going to have to update my site now ;-)

From: Irene Gilchrist
Date: Mon 30 Jun 2008
Message: Hi Ian,
The new website is just brilliant - encompassing so much about what makes you tick! Loads to browse around, and you've made it all look so easy - especially the diagram of your immediate family tree.
Irene x

From: Ian Edgeler
Date: Sun 29 Jun 2008
Message: I've just uploaded my updated website (which you are looking at now). Please let me know what you think, good and bad

From: Ian Edgeler
Date: Mon Jul 16 10:03:33 2007
Message: Good to hear from you John. Although you were a bit before my time, I do remember Charlie Brunt.
I've passed your message on to a couple of other old members so you may hear from them as well. Good Luck

From: scout101{at}btinternet.com
Date: Mon Jul 16 03:06:19 2007
Message: Hi Ian,
Great site mate, I thought I would look up my old club to see if it was still going and landed here. I am sorry to hear that Southwark Fisheries has closed, I used to be the match organiser, well for one season anyway before I handed it back to Charlie Brunt, they were good times fishing the docks.
Cheers mate,
John Kelly

From: Ian Edgeler
Date: Tue Mar 7 22:31:32 2006
Message: Thanks for the visit Rob. The results on edgeler.me.uk are making this look pretty puny

From: Rob Edgeler
Date: Tue Mar 7 20:14:08 2006
URL: http://www.edgeler.me.uk
Message: Hello Ian, I thought I should sign your guest book. The family tree project is looking great :-)

From: Ian Edgeler
Date: Fri Jan 27 22:09:17 2006
Message: Thanks for the message Jon-Maelor.
Unfortunately this site still needs a lot of work on it but it has had to take a backseat due to my involvement with Rob, Robin and Dave entering data for the edgeler.me site. I look forward to looking up your site again and also seeing you all on TOTP (or is that old hat now?).
Very best wishes Ian

From: Jon-Maelor Hughes
Date: Fri Jan 27 21:00:21 2006
URL: www.themaking.co.uk
Message: hi there ian, thanks for signing the guestbook on our website. i thought i would return the favour. Im not sure how i fit into the edgeler family tree but i know i do somewhere as my grandad was an edgeler from plymouth. Anyway i think your site is very good. Please check out ours again in the future as we are just building a new one. cheers

From: Ian Edgeler
Date: Sat Jan 21 22:02:27 2006
Message: Welcome Mason and thanks for leaving a message.
My particular part of the family, back to about 1800, comes from central and south London but contacts over the last few days seem to confirm that like all the other Edgelers that I have encountered, it comes originally from around Elstead in Surrey.
Incidentally I have not found any evidence yet that it is connected with Edgley (or any of the other misspellings - JUST KIDDING). No doubt somebody will prove me wrong fairly quickly.
Also I haven't made a direct link yet with the Edgelers around Gravesend but again that will probably not be long in coming.
Anyway good to hear from you and any info you have would be most welcome

From: Mason Durling
Date: Sat Jan 21 21:08:42 2006
Message: I am related to the Family Edgeler / Edgley in the Gravesend Northfleet area,
Where are your Edgelers from?

From: Jennifer Edgeler
Date: Fri Jan 13 13:04:01 2006
Message: Hello all you Edgeler's. Great site!
I am daughter of Carl Edgeler, i am one of 4 (Elaine, Dean and Wayne) I believe you have spoken to my sister before. my grandfather was Henry Albert Edgeler son of Frederick Edgeler.
I would be great to talk to an other Edgeler if you like.
email jenny_mccolgan{at}yahoo.co.uk

From: steve Date: Fri Jul 22 20:13:04 2005 URL: http:// Message: i am particularly interested in hearing from colleen snow as i am definitely related !!! her thomas edgeler (1855) is the elder brother of my great grandmother eliza ann edgeler 1878- 1969. thomas edgeler 1829 - 1902 is our common ancestor.
my e-mail is sjw1971{at}msn.com

From: steve
Date: Fri Jul 22 19:56:59 2005
Message: Hi i have been tracing my family surnames and edgeler is amongst them.... a friend of mine is tracing it for me and has gone back as far as 1792... i originate from gravesend in kent and this is where all my roots back to 1792 go back to. would like to hear more from you to see if we have common roots!! Steve. I can be contacted on email address

From: Ian Edgeler
Date: Thu Apr 21 00:27:44 2005
URL: http://www.edgeler.co.uk
Message: Thanks for having a look at my updated website. It has been a long time coming.
Please let me know any comments/criticisms

From: Simon Edgeler
Date: Mon Dec 13 00:50:38 2004
URL: http://www.shivar.com
Message: Hi there Ian,
My Dad is an Ian Edgeler also, and we live up in Scotland. I live in Glasgow, and my family live in Edinburgh. My Dad was born and raised in Kent, England, along with his brother, Barry. My Grandad still lives in Kent, also an Edgeler, and he has been researching a family tree as far as I know.
I have sent you an e-mail, mail back and we can try and arrange contact between more Edgeler's!

From: Karen Edgeler
Date: Sun Nov 14 00:27:49 2004
Message: Hi Ian, my name's Karen Edgeler and I just found your website by chance. I've read your guestbook and see that my auntie Lorraine is already on here! I also live near Dagenham in Essex, England, but don't know any other Edgeler's outside of Essex (there's a lot of us in Essex). You're right, it is an unusual name. I can be contacted on karenedgeler{at}yahoo.com, but I haven't got any family tree info. Sorry

From: Tony Wreathall
Date: Sun Nov 9 22:55:52 2003
Email: tailwag{at}tiscali.co.uk
Message: Hello Ian, my mothers maiden name was Edgeller from Hartlepool Durham, have traced family tree via London to Dogmersfield Hampshire.

From: Donna Edgeler
Date: Fri Apr 25 08:57:25 2003
Message: Hi Ian
I am from the Family Edgeler from Timaru NewZeland My Brother Robert is doing the family tree Would be interesting in hearing the History Donna.MacKenzie{at}xtra.co.nz

From: lrfitz{at}total.net
Date: Fri Nov 29 18:43:09 2002
Message: Hi Ian
My maiden name is Evelyn Edgeler. We live in Toronto Ontario Canada. Our grandfather came here around 1920 from Gravesend, Kent. I have three sisters and a brother, most of whom live in Toronto also.

From: Lorraine Edgeler
Date: Wed Oct 30 01:38:06 2002
Message: Hi Ian,
I live in Dagenham, Essex, England. My family all come from Brick Lane, East London originally. I have heard that the Edgeler name really originated in Witney, Oxfordshire. I do know from my 'Burke's Peerage World Book of Edgelers' that the Edgeler Clan Worldwide reside in England, Scotland, Wales, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Do you know of any others? I think that we are all distantly related in some way. You can contact me on ledgeler.home{at}tiscali.co.uk

From: Kate & Brian Edgeler
Date: Tue Oct 22 20:19:51 2002
Email: edgemo_b{at}yahoo.co.uk Message: Hello Ian,
We are Edgelers too (well Brian is and Kate is by marriage). We are part of a family from West Sussex. We know some of our history. Brians grandfather has looked into some of the history. One of Brians cousins has been to visit some Edgelers in New Zealand.

From: Tom Edgeller
Date: Thu Oct 17 00:44:41 2002
Email: tedgeller{at}cemexusa.com
Message: Are the Edgeler's related to the Edgeller's. By the way......I'm the one they call the edge....all the rest of you are imposters.

From: Don George Edgeler
Date: Sat Oct 5 23:33:38 2002
Message: Hi Ian, just thought I'ld drop you a line again to let you know that I have now researched just over six hundred and seventy nine Edgeler's dating back to 1620 and one at 1570, but the search is slowing and would welcome any support or knowlage as regards the history of one's family from your web page readers or guestbook viewers, cheers Don George at kassel{at}actrix.co.nz

From: Colleen Snow
Date: Sat Jul 6 05:00:40 2002
Message: Hello Ian
Looking for some relatives in the UK. My great, great grandfather was Thomas Edgeler, married to Eliza Lovett. Two of their sons later emigrated to the United States. William came over in 1907. My great grandfather, Thomas Henry, married to Clara Peverall, came in 1913.
Just wondering if any of this sounds familiar.
Look forward to hearing from you.

From: steve edgeler
Date: Sun Mar 24 17:33:30 2002
Email: steveedgeler{at}hotmail.com
Message: Hi Ian
Found your site and thought i'd drop you a line,Well what can i say my family have strong roots in truro (cornwall) and my father,now deceased, was Barry Edgeler he was one of seven children. His father was George Edgeler of well to be quiet honest im not sure,any way just to let you know there are a few more of us out there.I am a soldier currently serving in cyprus,im married and have two sons so the name will continue to grow (hopefully)
All the best distant cousin! well I'd imagine we're related somewhere along the line.

From: Ian Edgeler
Date: Mon Apr 30 19:32:56 2001
URL: http://www.edgeler.co.uk
Message: Susan, please email me at ian{at}edgeler.co.uk so that we can make contact re possible family connections.

Date: Mon Apr 30 04:00:38 2001

From: Ian Edgeler
Date: Tue Apr 10 22:55:38 2001
URL: http://www.edgeler.co.uk
Message: Welcome to my guestbook. I have only just added the guestbook so your comments would be most welcome.

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